Kamis, 06 Agustus 2009


if u hear about javanese language...
U 'll find much more difficulties in learning javanese language than learning english..
why do I say like that to you?????
all of you know that in java island, there are so many languages used in each region
in west java we know that Sundanese is used there.ithe people whol lives in central java ( wes part of central java) use banyumasan, and in the east part of central java, most of the people use standard javanese( including DIY). iN THE EAST JAVA REGION, most of people use suroboyoan and malangan languages. but in the east part of east java, (banyuwangi ), most of people there use OSING language....the most different language in east java...

from a little information that I've told you above, we are able to take a conclusion,,,,In java island,,,,,u can explore ur ability in speaking javanese....

yo'opo rek??????????
mari moco tulisan-tulisanku ndek dhukur , koen isok belajar logat ndek tiap-tiap daerah....
masio isih sak propinsi, logat ngomong boso jowo iku isok bedo-bedo..........opo maneh nang jawa etan onok boso meduro isng akeh digunakno ndek suroboyo, pasuruan,probolinggo lan jember

ce'e awakmu percoyo mbek aku....koen jajal ae dulin ndek jawa timur.......
gak bakal nyesel koen...
wes sakmene ae dhisik...mene tak sambung maneh rek

Jumat, 20 Maret 2009

second meeting

the second meeting english lecture was so interesting....Mr.marsigit is a good lecturer...nice...
but in this second meeting,,,when I got the lecture, I was so sleepy...hehehehe


Rabu, 04 Maret 2009

how to be ready to take part in Mr.Marsigit lesson

in my second semester, I got English lecture. And the person who teaches me in this semester is Mr.Marsigit. This lecture is 2 SKS. My class always get this lecture in the first period in every Thursday. The first period means it begins at 7.00 . For me, I always get a difficulty to get up early in the morning. But, ...some of my friends said that Mr. Marsigit is a good lecturer. This news made me want to know how good he is..
actually, I'm so confused what do I have to write down here. 'cause in the last this lesson meeting, I didn't attend the class..I have a reason why I didn't follow the class. But I won't write my reason here now.
now I'm gonna write down about my preparation in English lecture. Honestly, there's no preparation. Just let it flow and do what the lecturer wants. i hope ...after following this class, I'm capable of feeling that English is interesting. Why did i say like that???????????
a plenty of friends of mine told me that English is so interesting and important for them,..
in the other hand, for me I haven't felt the same feeling like them...

in the last semester actually I followed WCU...but,,,like I told you before, i don't like English so I didn't realize to follow WCU in the last semester..

about my English lecturer, I don't know more about him because I haven't ever met him...
OK..I think that's all for this posting..
I promise, next posting will be longer and better..

^_^ ...."j.l. history"

Sabtu, 26 Juli 2008

my new pic

hey hey hey...........
I just wanna say "hai" to you....
ahahaha.....several days before I felt so lonely at home....I always did the same activities in a week before..
U know?
after getting up,
I had breakfast,then I played with my computer, then I washed my clothes,then,
before I prayed dzuhur, I washed the plates..
those were boring activities for me.
I know,there's no choice for me....
sometimes my friends call me in the morning...............but it can't change the situation..........
oh ya,,,,
the newest news...........
yesterday, Danan and I took a picture in the behind of the Rental PS..
ahaha..it's a funny pic..d'u think so????????
but.............whatever U think about my pic,it's up to you.....

Jumat, 11 Juli 2008

Selasa, 01 Juli 2008

ich bin jung nicht jetzt

today I am so undelighted...

everything went wrong



as armas..as armas.....